Chrome Crook Handle in Black Shaft


Chrome is among the most popular material choices for premium walking canes and this Chrome Cook Handle in Black Shaft walking cane exemplifies why chrome continues to be famous across cane aficionados. Being a lustrous material, chrome creates a brilliant contrast with the black colored shaft that stands tall with a very sophisticated stance. The Chrome Cook Handle in Black Shaft is the perfect walking cane for those who prefer sober color combinations. It is also useful as a thoughtful gift for people who like their fashion accessories to be bold without being too outrageous. You get to buy this premium walking cane from a reputed online retailer with years of serving customers across the globe. You can also buy the Chrome Cook Handle in a brown or walnut colored shaft. The silver collar accentuates the overall style, ensuring this walking cane easily complements any occasion or your wardrobe ensemble for the day. Comes in 36 inch length and cane be cut to size. Replacement tip #8-0398-08

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