Crook Twisted Chestnut Spiral Walking Cane


We present before you the Crook Twisted Chestnut Spiral Walking Cane from our exclusive collection of fashionable and functional walking canes. Featuring a well-sanded shaft made of chestnut wood; this durable walking cane has been specially imported from Scotland. It features a flame scorched crook handle that offers ease of use while directing the weight exerted by the user towards the body of the cane. The metallic ferrule tip offers more traction while walking along rough tracks. The lightweight Crook Chestnut Spiral cane offers a comfortable support to the knees, femur and back amply reducing the stress while walking. Whether you want to use it as sturdy walking aid or as a fashion accessory to complement you party look, the Crook Chestnut Spiral cane is undoubtedly the best choice. Flaunting the walking canes as a fashion accessory is the latest in-thing in the fashion world, taking the regular functional quotient of a walking cane to an altogether different level. 36.5" in length with metal ferule tip.

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