Anatomically Correct Canes

Amber Cherry Anatomical Cane-Classy Walking Canes
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Amber Cherry Anatomical Cane

  Fashionably designed with an exquisite, cherry-stained high-gloss finish hardwood shaft, the Amber Cherry Anatomical Cane is an artfully crafted ...

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from $69.96
Anatomically Correct Canes
Anatomically Correct Canes
This includes anatomically correct canes that are regarded as the most dexterous, sensible choice for folks who need a multiple dimensional cane.

Basics of Anatomically Correct Canes
Anatomically correct walking canes have an ergonomic design in which handles are contoured to ensure a perfect fit in the left or right hand of the user. These walking canes are sturdy, strong and easy to grip and can be a trendy addition to your wardrobe collection despite the fact that they are referred to as Functional Canes. Anatomically corrective canes are carefully designed to ensure even distribution of the user’s body weight over the palm area for maximum support and stability. Usually, the handle is made of rich woods like stained mahogany wood. Use of lustrous finishing options ensures that the beauty of wood is accentuated. You can also find these canes with a brass-finished collar and a black aluminum shaft where aluminum is a more contemporary lightweight option whereas the brass collar adds a regal appeal.

More About Applications of Anatomically Correct Canes
Apart from an ergonomic design, anatomically correct walking cane handles have some additional features as well. For easy storage, you can fold them in an instant. Some are offered with an innovative, adjustable height mechanism. This enables you to expand the cane from a length of 33.5" to 37"! This cane is good for the patients of arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome as it's easier on their hands. It fits the palm and evenly distributes all the weight of the body. The anatomically correct cane is also called the Orthopedic Style Handle Cane. As far as attention in the global canes marketplace is concerned, this cane might not be the season’s bestseller but is in huge demand, every year!

Buying Anatomically Correct Canes Sensibly
This sturdy walking stick perfects the art of combining form and function. For additional strength, kiln cured and top quality beech wood is used to make it. We offer nearly every option available in the niche of orthopedic or anatomical canes. These canes measure about 36 inches in length but can be shortened to match your requirements. Men's Specialty can be a good option for you if Anatomically Correct Canes don't fit your needs. For further assistance, call our customer service at 1-888-928-1774.

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