Classy Walking Cane 1 inch Crook in Premium Finish Rosewood 36 inches

The 1 inch Round Nose Crook Rosewood is an everyday walking cane with oodles of style. It is made of the finest quality ash wood and has a traditional Crook or Tourist Handle for adequate support. The cane measures 36 inches in length. It can be customized according to your requirement. It has a 1-inch diameter shaft that gives additional strength. To ensure your safety, this Nose Crook Rosewood Cane is tipped with rubber attachment so that it does not slip on slippery surfaces, like wet or snowed roads. Practical and durable, it wears a beautiful Rosewood Finish. It adds a dose of glamour to otherwise similar looking walking canes, ensuring that when you use it, you are making a subtle but very noticeable statement about a refined sense of style. Tip Size is 1"

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