Fritz Handle with Bamboo Shaft

Walking canes with a very strong wooden aura appeal to a lot of people, particular people who like their fashion ensemble to look naturalthe Fritz Handle with Bamboo Shaft Cane uses this ideology in a perfect manner. The use of a fritz handle lends the traditional look with utmost ease whereas the bamboo shaft induces the aura of rich, natural-looking bamboo. The surface of the entire cane has a slight luster without being too loud. The darker hue of the handle makes a brilliant contrast with the gold collar, making this cane more fashionable than its humbler counterparts domaking the Fritz Handle with Bamboo Shaft Cane a perfect gift for those who like minimalist fashion. The cane comes with a standard replacement tip # 8-0398-08 and is recommended for folks who prefer lighter walking canes. You get the assurance of buying the Bamboo Shaft Cane from an established online retailer with a global customer base.

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