Bamboo Shaft with Fritz Handle


Bamboo canes are engaging a lot of attention but the overcrowded niche now has an option that is sure to raise the benchmarksthe Fritz Handle Bamboo Shaft cane. The Bamboo Shaft Walking Cane has a brown marble like acrylic fritz handle. The Fritz handle of the cane is there for providing more stable and natural feeling while walking or hiking. Coming from the German Count design from the 16th century, Bamboo Shaft -Fritz Handle provides maximum comfort and support to the user. Apart from this, style and utility are also the defining highlights of the cane. It is contoured for a comfortable fit to the hands of the user. The open-ended styled handle provides enough space for the grip as well. This cane is mounted on genuine bamboo shaft with gold collar. It is lightweight, strong, and durable to last many years. Replacement tip # HC8039808.

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