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Dog Headed Collector Canes for the Love of Dogs

Dog Headed Collector Canes for the Love of Dogs

Tom Siceloff |

"There is no faith which has never yet been broken, except that of a truly faithful dog."

- Konrad Lorenz

Indeed, the dog has always been a man’s best friend, they are simply adorable and the most amazing creatures. Even the fiercest dog won’t hold anything back when it comes to showing immense love and warmth to their owner. Dog lovers and owners will truly understand this. There is always something magical about your furry friend!

Fashion Accessory as a Memoir!

Have you ever thought of capturing your dog’s innocence, adorable smile and the immense love of a dog all at once? If not! Then, it is the time to own an exquisitely designed fashion accessory as a memoir of your four-legged pals. A dog-headed walking cane will do the trick. Walking canes have long been used as a fashion statement to elevate overall appearance. Dog-inspired canes are not just prized by the passionate cane collectors, but they make the best and most precious personalized gifts option, perfect for dog lovers.

Classy Walking Canes: Taking the Art of Woodcarving to the Next Level!

Apart from being reliable support, a wooden dog cane symbolizes power, strength, authority and, social prestige, and indeed an attribute of prosperity. Walking canes define true craftsmanship and skills. A walking stick with so much intricate detail is sure to leave its impression.

Most of the Walking Sticks are a reproduction of the original woodcarving by Master Woodcarver Michael Park. Each dog head is hand-painted by skilled and artisans in Michael's shop. Mastering the high-quality wood carving for years, these dog-headed canes are handmade from scratch to bring forth quality and match the individual demands of the customers.

From St. Bernard to The Afghan Hound: Massive Collection of Hand-Painted Wooden Dog Headed Canes! 

Classy Walking Canes offers a vast collection of beautifully designed dog-headed canes with different dog breeds. The unique collection includes French Bulldog Walking Stick, Dalmatian Walking Stick, English Setter Walking Stick, Pug Walking Stick, Australian Kelpie, Greyhound Walking Stick, Boston Terrier Walking Stick, Scottish Terrier Walking Stick, Bernese Mt. Dog Walking Sticks and many more.

The dog head of each cane sits elegantly on a hand-painted solid poplar staff that is accentuated with a solid brass collar and tip. The use of natural colors adds a realistic touch to the figurine and complements the overall appearance of the stick, giving it a distinctive look. These canes embody the charm of your furry friend and accompany you every time!

Now is the time you own one! Classy Walking Cane stocks a full range of dog-headed canes that are sure to grab everyone’s attention. You can explore the complete inventory and find the perfectly crafted cane to surprise a dog lover in your friends and family, or simply buy one for yourself!

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