Berries with Holly

Walking canes for women can be deceptively similar, making it difficult to choose a cane that is absolutely unique and helps women establish a sense of personal fashion. The Berries with Holly walking cane is an exception since it is unlike the canes you might have come across and unlike most canes for women, it is surprisingly strong. The Berries with Holly walking cane is specifically designed for women. It is an ideal womans style walking cane featuring Red holly berries and green leaves on a light gray setting. On one hand, if it is very sturdy in make then on the other the cane is attractive as well. The derby handle and matching print high gloss hardwood shaft add to its charm. It measures 36 inches in length with brass band. This cane makes a graceful testimonial about feminine charm. Ladies will love to flaunt this walking cane while on an outing or at a social gathering.  Tip #8-0398-08

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