Alpacca Silver Formal Cap

With mens imported straight formal alpacca cap that is 1.75 inches high on a black maple shaft, the Alpacca Silver Formal Cap walking cane is the right cane for men looking for durability, elegance and comfort. This is a very nice walking companion on your business trips or meetings. This walking cane has a length of 36 inches and will surely offer relaxing support for cane users. The Alpacca Silver Formal Cap walking cane comes with a steel reinforced suction grip rubber tip # 8-0398-08 or 8-1800-08. This lovely cane is a product of Harvey Canes. Please take note that the Alpacca Silver Canes are not available for next day delivery or second day delivery. They are hand assembled and require two days to make and ship. Thank you for your understanding. We only ship this item on Friday of each week.

All Alpacca Canes require a signed signature upon delivery.

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