Five Point Attachment Up to 1 inch Cane


Walking on ice might sound a bit tricky but with a walking cane that specializes in resolving such challenges, you dont have any reason to be apprehensive. The Five Point Attachment Up to 1 Inch Cane is one such walking and balancing aid. It has been especially designed to give you enhanced stability when walking on slippery frozen surfaces like snowed grounds or ice. This cane attachment is made from stainless steel. It uses a five-prong design for additional safety. It is rather simple to use. It can be easily attached to most canes. Its steel base locks in place when in use. In case you want to use your cane indoors, simple rotate the Five Point Attachment upwards! Sturdy and practical, this Ice Cane Gripper is a true value-for-money accessory for walking canes.

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