Duck Head with Glass Eye Ivory


Now, you get to grab the attention of onlookers with this distinctive Duck Head Handle Walking Cane. A great addition to your walking cane collections, the Duck Head handle is meticulously molded from a high impact nylon material. This isnt your run of the mill animal-themed walking cane. The duck head is perfectly perched atop the shafta trait not found among most of the animal-inspired walking canes. It features a glass eye on both sides for giving it a touch of finesse. The handle has been set on a black tapered maple shaft that comes in a standard length of 36 inches and has a rubber tip base for an extra safety. You can even customize the length of the shaft according to your need. Carry it to events and function and you are sure to turn each eye to yourself. This awesome walking stick matches perfectly with any attire that you choose for the day.

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