Crook Horse Head Cane


The crook style handle walking cane has always been considered one of the basic and traditional canes in the niche of walking aides. Though most of these canes come in a standard design, the Crook Horse Head Canes is an exception. This beautifully crafted crook handle cane has a structure of a horse head to the front. With the intrinsic design, this cane is one of the most popular canes in our inventory. It can go with any outfit that you wish to wear for a formal luncheon or a black-tie event. The crooked head is molded from a durable nylon that can even resist high impacts. The horse head is placed on a black shaft made out of maple wood. The standard length of the cane is 36 inches. If you require the length to be adjusted you can simply selected the desired height from the drop-down menu before ordering.

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