Classic Folding British Wildflowers with Cornflowers


Folding British Wildflowers with Cornflowers is a cane that is feisty, a bit brazen and doesn't adhere to the norms in the niche of walking canes. Strongly feminine in its design and overall style, it is meant for women who like to add some style to everyday occasions too. Style comes easy to this folding cane. It is for women who are young at heart and like being expressive. You get a beautiful cane in a slightly muted shade. The derby handle ensures ease of use with a firm but comfortable grip. The derby design has been pursued in its original format without too many alternations. The cane will not compromise on its inherent strength. You get a very capable aluminum shaft that can be easily folded. The folded cane can be easily stacked away and very useful when you are traveling. The soft background charms you rather than overwhelming you with a strong color. The contrast of colors blend very well, contrasted by the handle. This is a strong cane, capable of doing daily duty and ensures good support and balance for the user. Adjustable from 31" to 35".

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