Case for Folding Canes in Green with Black Trim

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It is important to buy a carrying case for your walking cane, online or in store as these basic accessories safeguard canes against the most common types of physical damage like surface abrasions, scratches, or cracks. One of the most popular products in this niche is now available on our online store the Case Wallet for Folding Canes in green and black trim. The elegant and sleek foldable cane carrying case is designed in a green shade with deep black trims and curved edges. It opens and closes with a Velcro fastening for secured placement. The case wallet sports a belt loop at the back to tag it easily to a bag or trolley while traveling. The clear panel on front has a cardholder to display the name of the user and address to avoid theft or loss of the cane. So next time whether you have to head to a restaurant, a cinema or to visit a friend in a neighboring town, make sure you have the Case Wallet for Folding Canes. The wallet exudes the kind of style expected from fashion accessories and is effortless to use. We recommend it seriously if you are planning to gift a cane accessory and you arent too sure about the persons taste. The classic color combination is sleek and a very safe bet. This case will not fit all folding canes. Fits most Petite Size Canes.

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