Amaranth Walking Cane


Derby walking canes are one of the most celebrated series in the niche of walking canes. With stylish design and attractive color, the Amaranth walking cane can be a great selection for walking cane lovers. A perfect collectible for your home, the Amaranth walking stick features a genuine amaranth derby handle. The cane has been perfected for men. The brass ring presentation on the collar adds a sophisticated look to the walking cane. At a length of 36 inches as standard, the cane can be cut to your particular height preferences. For this, you have to select the preferred height from the drop-down menu before checkout. The shaft features a diameter of 7/8 inches at the top and tapers to �� inches at the bottom. It comes with a replacement tip #8-0398-08 that avoids slipping on smooth surfaces. This stylish walking accessory can be a perfect choice for your next black-tie event.

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