Brass Handle Canes

Brass Handle Canes
Brass is a classical choice, as a building and decorative material, it has been in use for centuries. The regal appearance combined with immense strength and the intense metallic looks make brass a popular choice in the niche of walking canes too. Brass walking canes managed to climb the ladder of all-time popular vintage canes and today, brass cane handles are viewed as a premium choice worthy of being a collector’s dream come true!

Understand Brass Handle Canes
Brass canes can be widely categorized into two groups. Brass handle canes have the handle made of or finished in brass. Brass-collar canes have the meeting point of the shaft and the handle covered in a smart, small collar. Both these designs are regarded as an upmarket, classic choice. However, the marketplace continues to get more queries for brass handle canes. Here, a larger surface area made of brass raises the overall aesthetic value of the cane. Yes, this makes the cane slightly heavy but the benefits in the form of a handsome cane are more rewarding. Some folks also include brass tipped canes into a wider definition of brass canes.

Buy Brass Walking Canes Online
We have an interesting range of brass canes, nearly 300, and the count is increasing. This includes many brass handle and brass-collar canes. From classic brass hardwood canes to brass collared lightweight canes in different prints and textures, we present an array of brass cane options for you.

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