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Major Differences Between A Walking Stick and A Cane

Major Differences Between A Walking Stick and A Cane

Tom Siceloff |

Oftentimes, we have seen people using the terms walking stick and walking cane interchangeably. Most people use these two terms synonymously without realizing that there are some major differences between the two. Even though in many circumstances, both a walking stick and a cane mean the same thing but in others, they are quite different.

One of the biggest distinctions between the two is that a walking cane is generally referred to as a mobility aid that is used by patients suffering from visual disabilities. Apart from them, the elderly, injured, and people with other health conditions also require mobility equipment like a walking cane. On the other hand, a walking stick is not exactly a mobility aid and can be used for casual, recreational purposes also. For example, while on hiking expeditions, a person uses a walking stick and not a walking cane. They are meant for providing support and stability for a short and rare amount of time. Unlike a walking cane, they are not meant for longer purposes. This takes us to our next point of difference in the making of a stick and a cane.

A walking cane is made up of hard and durable material so as to withstand the weight and pressure of the person. It is specially designed to endure pressure. On the other hand, a walking stick is not meant for longer assistance. They are made with durable but still comparably less heavy-duty material as their purpose is for a shorter amount of assistance only. Lastly, the usage of both creates a big distinction between the two. If you require assistance daily, then a walking cane should be used. By now you must have understood that these are designed for people who need regular assistance in walking. So, for frequent or everyday use, a walking cane would be preferable as a walking stick is for casual purposes only.

Hopefully, this blog has helped you to understand the major differences between a walking stick and a walking cane better. Stay tuned for more!

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