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Famous Walking Canes in World History

Famous Walking Canes in World History

Tom Siceloff |

Canes have always been a symbol of power, class, and leadership. World history is a witness to the fact that many leaders who made a change in world politics and society walked with a cane and their cane became an eternal legacy. The blog discusses some leaders who walked with canes which ultimately became eternal and a party of history just like them.

  • Winston Churchill

The man who led Britain almost from defeat to victory had walked with a cane that became his signature and an important part of British history. Churchill always carried his favorite cane with him and used to say that he is “walking with destiny”. Churchill’s cane was very different from regular canes. Its handle was shaped like a rounded knob instead of regularly extended cane handle.

  • George Washington

First American President George Washington also owned a cane. His cane was a symbol of the French and American unity during the revolution. The handle of Washington’s cane was made in the shape of the French liberty cap and was made with gold. Benjamin Franklin gifted that cane to George Washington which ended up being associated with two of the greatest American leaders.

  • Frederick Douglas

Frederick Douglas was an American social reformer who fought to abolish slavery in America. He was gifted a cane by Mary Todd Lincoln, the wife of one of the most famous American presidents Abraham Lincoln, who also struggled and succeeded in his political career to abolish slavery in America. After receiving the game from Mary after the death of Abraham Lincoln, Douglas wrote an emotional letter to Lincoln in which he called the cane ‘inestimable memento’ and ‘an object of sacred interest’.

Canes, indeed, are wonderful accessories for expression— often used as fashion accessories and given as gifts of respect and adoration. Our history is filled with important people who used a cane every day. Find  a great selection of canes or cane accessories that is suitable for you! 



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