White Shepherds Crook Moulded Top

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Classy Walking Canes are not just about stability they are a reflection of etiquette, style, and sophistication. We bring you the best example of this fact, a true lifestyle cane, the White Shepherds Crook. This cane comes with a molded top. The handcrafted cane has been made from beech wood shafts to ensure longevity and exude panache. The classic, clean lines of the brass handle against the bronze stained beech wood shaft are the perfect combination to announce your presence. With this moulded top cane, you get to enjoy the comfort of an easy-to-grip crook handle.  Crook handle canes are a favorite among those who want a non-fussy cane that can be carried effortlessly.  Choose this crook handle walking cane for its open-ended handle, easy to carry design and loads of elegance. Gift it someone who can use a stylish walking stick or choose it for yourself, to add a new dimension to your list of lifestyle accessories! 36 inches.  Great Collectors item.

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