Trout Umbrella Cane


From one of the leading Italian manufacturers in the niche of walking sticks and long-handle shoehorn comes the 36-inches long, Trout Umbrella Canea multi-functional utility cane that combines the dynamics of a standard walking cane and a foldable umbrella! This unique Trout Umbrella Cane is designed to offer you the best of both worldsa stylish walking aid, an all-season fashion accessory and gives you the utility of an umbrella! Handmade in Italy, featuring excellent workmanship, this Trout Umbrella Cane features a Derby-shaped molded resin, brown-colored fish handle with glass eyes, seated atop the beech wood shaft. This 8-rib Trout Umbrella Cane comes in a black nylon case with a wind-proof spring mechanism.

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