Deerstakers Thumbstick - Two Piece Stick

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Deerstalker is an ultra-long walking stick is the best pick if you are tall and have been searching for a rustic-looking stick. The origins of the cane and its initial days of glory present an interesting bit of history-the perfect topic when you want to revel in the prestige of your Hazel Thumbstick Hazel Stick. This stick was originally famous among deerstalkers. Its Thumbstick handled ensured great ease of handling for this kind of job. Later, the unique handle with the very rural inspired design became popular as a country stick for those with a penchant for the more classically designed utilities. Made from hazel wood, the stick has a subtle shine to it but this does not envelop its exclusive design and a tool-like aura. The joint in the middle makes it easier to carry the Deerstalker Hazel Thumbstick. Easy to screw and unscrew, the two parts of the stick are very easy to assemble. Thoughtful innovations give the Deerstalker more dexterity in the form of the combi ferrule. A spiked ferrule, it has a rubber-made covering for the ferrule-you can choose whatever makes more sense for the moment!

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