Shoehorn Duck


Think of a shoehorn and you are bound to be confusedis it a collectors item, a fashionable accessory, or a utility for wearing shoes? The Shoehorn Duck addresses all these questions with ease. In fact, it is a bit of everything, blending functionality and aesthetics. Quirky to look at, easy-to-grip and made to last for long period, it is a multi-functional and affordable, longer-than-usual shoehorn with a typical, walking cane-like appearance. Standing tall proudly at 22-inches, this elegant Shoehorn Duck features a handcrafted brown duck head handle and a sturdy brown-colored wooden shaft. Made in Italy, this is not just another shoehornit represents the users taste in things that have an inherent class. It comes equipped with a leather wrist strap for added convenience. It can be a superb aid for people who struggle with getting their footwear on, particularly those with serious back problems and overweight issues apart from the elderly and disabled folks.

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