Shoehorn Brown Lab


Handcrafted in Italy by skilled craftsmen, the Shoehorn Brown Lab combines the dynamics of a traditional shoehorn with the utility of a walking cane. At 29-inches tall, the Brown Lab Shoehorn has the credentials to help you maintain a good posture/balance when putting on your footwear. A good grip ensures that you can easily maneuver the curved end of the shoehorn for sliding your feet into the shoe. The handle might seem a bit artistically inspired, resembling the head of a brown lab but it is equally practical too. It provides a slip-proof grip and it is molded in cellulose acetate for longer durability. Designed for effective utility, the Shoehorn Brown Lab is essentially a very sturdy and elongated version of the conventional, wooden shoehornsthe ideal dynamics for those suffering from limited bodily movement or issues like severe back pain or paralytic conditions. The rich, beech wood shaft with resin tongue and brass accents exudes class. The hanging chain around the neck ensures ease of handling.

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