Shepherd's Crook Moulded Handle Cane


Shepherd canes have come a long way from their original, humble origins. What was once a utilitarian crook to negotiate uneven terrain is now a style icon! We bring you the latest in this niche a true shepherd moulded cane that is perfect as a fashion accessory or for actually supporting your gait during a trek or hike. This Shepherds Crook Walking Cane is a perfect blend of class and functionality. This smooth, richly finished walking cane has a sturdy, simple design and has a distinctly elite persona. Designed to use the wood's natural aura, this moulded top cane is meticulously crafted and carefully sanded for the perfect finishing. Perfectly matched, using a royal brass collar with a dark wood shaft, this crook neck walking cane is a reliable walking companion that you can count on for years. Fashioned from solid, high-quality wood, the unique crook handle cane is a collectors classic, allowing them to expand their repertoire. Get this moulded top walking cane for its unchallenged vintage appeal and the undoubted high quality of construction. 36 Inches

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