Derby with Red Handle and Black Shaft


Wooden canes can get predictable at times, especially when the cane-maker wants to emphasize the purity of hardwoods used. This means most sticks being retailed in earthy, brown hues. However, this Derby Handle Cane moves away from the clutter of similarly styled canes with its easy-to-spot reddish sheen. This fashionable cane wears a natural looking reddish tint. The Red Derby Cane gets an elite aura from its brass collar. A nifty cane exuding vibrancy, the Derby Handle Walking Cane is a great way to accessorize your wardrobe ensemble for the day. A true designer cane, it is aimed at women who want walking sticks that double up as lifestyle accessories. However, measuring at 36 inches of length, this Red Walking Cane works as an efficient walking companion too. Despite being a fashion cane first, it employs a rather sturdy shaft. Equipped with a rubber ferrule, the stylish cane ensures better grip on wet/slippery surfaces. The Red Derby Walking Stick is an ideal choice if you want a fashion accessory that performs the duties of a conventional walking stick too.

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