Stout Polished Handled Ash Walking Stick


Stout Ash Crook Polished Handle is your best bet if you want a vintage-like cane with rustic charm. Aimed at men, who understand the nuances of classic designs, the cane sports a typical crook handle. This classic cane is made from premium, seasoned hardwoods. Here, ash wood is used, complete with its natural aura and an incomparable grain pattern. Ash wood, being one of the strongest hardwoods, also provides resilience to the cane. The cane measures 36 inches or 92 cm in length. It comes with a non-slip ferrule made of rubber that ensures better gripping capability on slippery and rocky surfaces. Made in Scotland, this imported cane continues to engage a lot of attention on our online store, including overseas orders. This limited edition, bestselling cane continues to create serious sales numbers throughout the year!

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