Petite Size with English Leaf


Slate grey shades along with a winter theme and lots of laid back ivory whitenote the typical traits associated with a nature inspired, floral themed cane for women, right? The Petite Derby Slate Grey Leaves is not just another petite walking cane. It dares to be different. It does away with bright colors and the usual blitz associated with premium walking canes for women. The Petite Derby Slate Grey Leaves is not afraid of using a much subdued pattern which is perfectly displayed on the textured shaft. The ivory white derby handle looks elegant, beautifully complemented by the grey and contrasting luster of the brass collar. You get the assurance of flaunting a cane that makes sense to be used throughout the year. The derby handle is soft and convenient to grip, needing little effort. The Petite Derby Slate Grey Leaf cane comes equipped with a rubber ferrule that helps you walk across demanding surfaces with ease. The grey leaf pattern creates an interesting contrast if you carry this cane with a bright wardrobe ensemble!

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