Petite Derby English Roses


You can now own a floral cane that looks very different from other floral inspired canesPetite Derby English Roses Cane. Unlike the standard floral themed canes, this cane does away with excessively bright colors. Instead, you find a pleasant overdose of slightly muted shades of pink, green and yellow. The hues are chosen with an emphasis on keeping out the blingy effect. Instead, the emphasis is on retaining the underlying elegance of a nature inspired floral patternsomething often found missing among floral canes. The Petite Derby English Roses Cane makes sense for women of all ages, including those who like canes as a fashion accessory and by women who opt for nature themed accessories. This cane comes with an acrylic derby handle as acrylic make ensures lightweight, easy handling whereas the derby shaped handle ensures your fingers, palm and wrists remain free from excess pressure. This means you can carry the Petite Derby English Roses Cane for a longer duration without any stress on your body. Equipped with a rubber ferrule and height-adjustment features, this is a unique walking cane proposition. It has caught the buyers attention with its solid but extremely light aluminum shaft that provides more-than-expected weight supporting features.

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