Handbag Size Floral with Pattern Handle


When you need a cane that is both compact and fashionable, a cane that is a fashion accessory and a useful walking aid, choose the Handbag Size Floral Folding Cane without thinking twice. One of the biggest sellers on our stores, the multi-colored floral design has been rendered to perfection. You get a garden-like spread with a refreshing array of colors on display. Taking care of the feminine sensibilities is the blend of blue and pink-colored flowers on a bright ivory white background. The Floral Folding Cane is easy to fold with its smartly aligned five-section composition. The wooden handle might be petite in size but it does give an amazingly good grip. The cane comes with a wrist strapa great cane accessory that helps you suspend the cane when not using it. The smooth folding mechanism ensures that you can easily fold the cane between 32 inches and 35 inches. The use of an aluminum shaft helps to keep the cane light and easy to maneuver.

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