Offset Blind


Some canes have a dedicated niche and yet, they appeal across a wider audience. The Offset Blind Cane is one such special walking canespecially developed for the visually impaired but liked by many. The comfortable Grey Foam Handle with strap of the Offset Handle Blind Cane gives a firm grip along with contributing to the overall aesthetics. The shaft of the cane is made of white powder coated 7/8-inch aluminum tube. It also has a push button, which is used to adjust the length of its red leg. An option is available to adjust the length, from 30 inches to 39 inches as per your requirements. Though meant for the visually impaired, this cane has the reputation of being the best, everyday use cane, particularly among folks new to the niche of walking canes and among those gifting a walking cane for the first time.

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