Mahogany Cane with Derby Handle

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There is something special, something unchallenged about pure wooden classic canes. The Mahogany Wooden Cane underlines this fact with its elite stance. All-hardwood construction means you get perhaps the most durable cane todaya claim too tall to make for most canes but it comes naturally to a cane with true Mahogany construction. You get a classy walking cane that provides better grip even on challenging ground conditions. This derby handle cane is as good to use as a lifestyle accessory. Carry the Mahogany wood cane when wearing semi-formals/formals and you can feel assured about making an impact. Mahogany wooden cane is easy to spot from a distance with its reddish hue. The flawless finishing adds a bit of gleam. Mahogany wood walking cane is the first choice for men who demand classic style. Imported from Scotland, the Mahogany hardwood cane uses the classic form of derby handle, making it very easy to hold and grip. The shaft is dressed with a golden collar. The golden collar cane has the visual traits associated with an exclusive walking cane with a strong masculine persona.

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