Classy Walking Cane Knotted English Chestnut

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Knotted English Chestnut Men's walking cane is a well crafted cane that has a dark scorched knotted finish genuine English chestnut shaft. This is the perfect walking aid for men who prefer canes with natural beauty. You may also bring this along when you do your everyday walk in your neighborhood for a breath of fresh air. The handle of the cane has a crook shape which offers firm grip and comfortable support to cane users of up to 250 lbs (around 113 kilos) in weight. Knotted English Chestnut Men's walking cane has an approximate measurement of 5 inches x 1 inch x 36 inches with steel reinforced suction grip rubber tip # 8-0398-08. One of the most durable canes available since it is a product of Harvy Canes. There is also a Knotted English Chestnut available for Women.

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