Decorative Moulded Corinium Horse


Walking sticks have evolved, no longer relegated to their original role where they were seldom respected for being loyal walking companions. Today, walking canes are regarded as a lifestyle choice, a fashion accessory that make an instant impression exemplified by the Antique Style Walking Cane. This Corinium Horse Molded Top on a beechwood shaft walking cane provides a firm-footed, third-leg like stance. Despite such solid construction, you are most likely to buy this beautiful Horse Walking Cane as a mainstream fashion accessory. It is designed with a premeditated approach where the emphasis is on maintaining a royal style. You get an extremely light walking stick with a ravishing horse handle imparting an inimitable look. This handcrafted walking cane is extremely durable and its smooth surface has a natural appeal. This fine piece of craftsmanship features a 36 inches long handle for a comfortable walk. The knob handle provides you a solid grip. This is a Walking Stick for true connoisseurs

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