Hazel Knobstick Regular


A Great pick if you want a classically themed walking stick that exudes the true characteristics of hazel wood. Essentially a thick stemmed tree, hazel is often misinterpreted as a tree. This stoutly constructed hazel wood stick uses coppiced hazel with characteristic hues and grain associated with the thickened barks of the hazel shrub. This stout, rustically styled walking stick has a slight, natural sheen to it because of the hazel wood. The texture too is different from the usual hardwoods used for making premium canes and sticks. The knob stick accentuates the unpretentious, proud stance of the stick which also gets a metal ferrule to ensure better grip on trickier surfaces. We import this eagerly sought stick from England. It comes in limited numbers and always seems to have a high demand. Stick has a metal ferule on tip. 36 1/2 inches long and shafts varies from 3/4 to 1 inch diameter shaft. Not all sticks are the same. This is natural woods and they vary in size..

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