Handbag Size Mult-Floral Folding Cane

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The Handbag Size Metallic Silver Folding Cane is the perfect match for those who want a smarter, everyday cane that is much more than a fashion accessory. This walking cane is easy to fit, even in a small handbag. The CB80-MF is Metallic Silver in color. The color lends a bit of shimmer, making the cane look very trendy. This metallic silver folding cane is easy to fold. It has five, interconnected sections. It has a smaller wooden handle and a wrist strap, which ensures you get to maneuver the cane without inducing any stress on your fingers or wrist. Apart from being compact and folding, it is also adjustable in heightyou can easily alter the canes height between 32 inches and 35 inches. The cane is made of lightweight aluminum. The ferrule is of rubber to give you the perfect, non-slippery grip. The derby handle provides a perfect grip that does not compromise on style or level of comfort. This is the ideal fashion cane, compact cane, and travel caneall packed into one glorious form!

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