Basic Chestnut Crook


The Basic Chestnut Crook Cane is a very elegant and simple walking stick that is a tad different from the designer canes with overdose of bright colors and heavy designs that we have become accustomed to finding in showrooms. Carved from the choicest chestnut wood that has been carefully collected from regions popular for their aged chestnut supplies, this basic crook is specifically designed to last for many years without wear and tear. It features a standard crooked handle design that has always been thought as the standard design of a walking aide since ancient era. The cane has been made in Scotland following a detailed systematic process involves careful selection of aged high quality wood, drying them for prolonged duration before turning them into the functional cane form, and finally lacquering them to give them a complete, finished appearance. The Basic Chestnut Crook Cane is an ideal choice of mobility aid that offers extra stability and support to people with dexterity problems owing to precarious medical conditions. In the modern context, walking canes are also used extensively as fashion symbol that and so you can use this elegant cane with your formal attire for a classic look.  35 inches and can be cut to size.

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