Genuine Pigskin Handle - Natural


More than being just another walking aid in the market, the Genuine Pigskin Handle Natural Cane helps you to walk with a distinct style. Keep it as a fashion accessory or a means to ensure you get sufficient balance/support, this walking stick meets the benchmarks for use of quality wood and robust construction. The use of natural color without overdoing the use of darker hues or overtly lustrous finishing ensures this walking stick exudes a very natural, unpretentious type of fashionability. By using a Tourist-style or Round-nosed Crook Handle, this genuine Pigskin Handle Cane sticks to the classical walking cane design. It is covered with a layer of stretched pigskin leather. The 1-inch diameter, tapered shaft is made of solid hardwoodMaple Wood. Standing at 36-inches tall, this cane comes with a rubber tip for additional stability on more demanding walking surfaces. The canes length can be cut to meet your requirements.

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