Genuine Pigskin Handle - Mahogany


Fashion statements tend to change every season, including leading fashion accessories like a walking cane. Despite the onslaught of new offerings, some accessories manage to survive and thriveone such performer is the Genuine Pigskin Handle Mahogany Cane. This exclusive walking cane features a classic round nosed Crook Handlepopularly called Tourist-style Handle. It is smartly dressed with durable and supple genuine pigskin leather. The hook or J-handle allows conveniently hanging this Pigskin Handle Mahogany Cane over an arm or table edge without the bother of finding a dedicated cane hanging space. With a Mahogany Finish, this walking cane has a 1-inch diameter tapered shaft made of solid maple wood. It comes with standard rubber cane tips for more stability on uneven and wet floors. This exquisite cane comes in a standard length of 36 inches but it can be customized to suit your requirements.

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