Beechwood Derby for Men


Sometimes you want a walking companion that is loyal, unpretentious and still, makes an integral part of your persona. The Basic Style Beech Wood Derby Cane should be your ideal pick for such pursuits. First impressions suggest a magnificent walking cane with restrained style. This is not about being an attention-grabber. Made by seasoned cane artists, the Derby cane flaunts minimalistic yet suave design. Inspired by traditional canes, this derby walking cane has a sturdy and solid wood shaftperhaps, its most noticeable feature. Along the length of the cane, it is easy to spot a slightly textured feel with some hues of light brown intermingling seamlessly. Overall, this handcrafted beauty has a bit of luster. Made in Scotland, this beechwood walking cane is the best option for someone looking for vintage style canes without having to spend big. A great pick for every passionate cane collector, this is also a thoughtful gift for someone graduating to the niche of classic walking canes. The Basic Style Walking Stick gets the name from its humble design which actually is rather functional. You get an extremely comfortable to grip Derby handle. The shaft is rock solid and you can bank upon getting good support. At the bottom of the beech wood stick, there is a metal ferrule that serves two purposesaugments overall style of the walking cane and prevents the bare tip from wearing away.

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