Classy Canes Folding Adjustable Elegant Pink Diamond


The Elegant Pink Diamond walking cane is a lovable walking cane, which projects the lighter and sweeter side of love. The Elegant Pink Diamond features a beautiful infused pink pearl swirled handle making it an appealing selection for women. The versatile cane is the perfect accessory for your next black tie event or a perfect companion for a solitary stroll down the lane. The adjustable shaft allows the users to fold the cane and store it in cupboard or suitcase. It can support a weight up to 180 pounds. The tasteful addition of the diamond-like rhinestone collar to the adjustable shaft makes the cane look as if it is millions of dollars worth. It comes in a standard height of 37 inches with a 5/8 inches replacement tip. You can also get the cane length customized to suit your height.

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