Deluxe Folding Golf with Derby Handle

Versatility of an adjustable cane merged with a classic sport, i.e. Golf, this is what defines the Golf Print Folding Cane. You get a playful cane that fuses conventional layout with modern designs. The Golf Walking Cane comes with an easy-to-fold carry mechanism. The print is unusual, mimicking the golf course, complete with golf players and their tools of trade. The folding cane is easy to fold you can easily fold & pack it or deploy it. The folding mechanism has been perfected for effortless functioning. The Derby Folding Cane has a wrist strap attached to ensure that you can comfortably carry it easily without worrying about misplacing it. With a smart construction that uses multiple foldable sections, this adjustable walking stick can be a smart travel companion compact and made from durable materials. The rubber ferrule provides a firm grip no matter how wet or uneven the surface is!  32 1/2 to 37 inch Adjustable Height.

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