Classy Canes Folding Adjustable Elegant Diamonds and Pearls in Blue


Diamonds and pearls have an inherent quality of charming the onlookers with their majestic presence. The value of an accessory can be accentuated to a huge extent by embellishing it with these charismatic elements. The Elegant Diamonds and Pearls Folding is a beautiful walking cane that has been enriched with diamonds and pearls to form the collar of this sturdy cane. Designed in a soft blue color with a subtle sheen enveloping the entire structure, this walking cane features a swirled handle with a pearly radiance. The sectioned shaft comes in a foldable design and features an adjustable height of 33 inches to 37 inches. The aluminum shaft is strong enough to bear a load of 180 pounds, while a replacement tip of 5/8 inches adds to its utility.

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