Classic Cars Folding Cane


A definition of modern design, the Classic Cars Folding Adjustable Cane is one of the most unique walking sticks out there. There is nothing conventional or predictable about this adjustable walking cane. The result of contemporary standards in cane-making that are heavy on creativity, this cane uses a beautiful folding mechanism. Boasting of a special design, the Adjustable Classic Car Walking Cane is a refreshing proposition for cane buyers looking for something different. The shaft has an exceptional patterna highlight in this canes design, it helps to create a sense of symmetry. The conventional derby handle is attached to a wrist strap. This ensures that you don't misplace the cane even when not using it. The construction of the adjustable walking cane is such that each section can be conveniently folded and unfolded with minimal effort. At the bottom, the walking cane is fitted with a rubber ferrule to ensure that it gets a good grip on all surfaces.  32 1/2 to 37 inch Adjustable Height.

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