Folding Adjustable Silver Elegant Engraved Cane


This is the perfect pick if you have been searching for Folding Silver Engraved cane that makes sense for any occasion, any wardrobe choice you make for the day. Yes, some canes are meant to be a part of your lifestyle more accessories rather than being walking aids. The Folding Silver Elegant Engraved Cane is one such example. Featuring a cane that folds plus you can adjust the height using the shaft pins. The adjustable is shaft made of durable aluminum, this walking cane is a sensible investment. You get a dexterous cane that oozes class and is easy to adjust. The walking stick owes its catchy look to the engraved look of the shaft and the silver color elegantly over the cane body. This folding silver engraved cane embodies a bit of sassiness. It has been designed for people who love being expressive. The derby handle and rubber tip ensure ease of use with a comfortable grip. This also makes the stick hassle free to hold for longer durations. The adjustable silver engraved cane is undoubtedly the right choice for folks who seek fashion in their walking canes. Plus, this derby walking cane comes with FREE wrist strap!  Adjust in height from 32 inches to 35 inches.

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