Adjustable Elegant Purple Diamond

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Purple can be a very impressive shade if used correctly. It oozes passion and an eternal sense of style unmatched by other shades. The Diamond Elegance Cane acknowledges and uses this fact with its designer presentation that uses a brilliant shade of purple. This is accompanied by the Pearl Swirled Handle because the combination is visually dramatic, turning a simple walking cane into a designer element. The purple-colored shaft completes the opulent look with a Diamond-like Rhinestone Collar. This cane is the perfect accessory when you want to grab the attention without using an over-the-top fashion accessory. Choose the Elegant Purple Walking Cane at the next black tie event or any occasion where the wardrobe ensemble makes all the difference. Using smart adjustment system, the cane can be easily adjusted from 31 inches to 38 inches. The aluminum shaft ensures the cane is lightweight and strong without any structural weakness. This cane can support a user weighing 180 pounds despite its reasonably slim shaft. It comes with a standard replacement tip and a Free Wrist Strap that is now a standard offering with every purchase.

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