Handbag Size Dogs Folding Cane


The perfect example of contemporary cane designing trends, the Handbag Size Dogs Folding Cane impresses with its perfect folding mechanism and a unique printed theme. The adorable blue color featuring a canine-inspired design on the shaft adds a bit of vivacity to this folding walking stick. Perhaps, not a classic cane that should be added to your cane collection, this is more of a designer cane featuring a unique theme. The Dog Print Cane can be a great purchase for a dog lover or a thoughtful gift for those who love dogs. The blue background is perfectly matched by a metallic collar. The blue colored derby handle is easy to grip. Once folded, the Cat Print Cane is compact enough to be carried in a handbag. Convenient to use with its lightweight structure, this walking cane can be snapped open or folded within seconds with negligible effort. The Dog Print Cane comes with a dedicated Wrist Strap to ensure you don't misplace it!

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