Adjustable Elegant Diamonds and Pearls

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Are you looking for a walking cane that is practical, gorgeous and still does not come at an outrageous price? Consider the Elegant Diamonds and Pearls-Adjustable cane! With its bold blue color and elaborate handle, the cane is sure to catch everyone's attention. It features a robust and lightweight shaft crafted from aluminum that supports a beautiful derby style handle infused with white cream pearl swirled pattern. The bright rhinestone collar enhances its rich look. Constructed primarily to aid you in walking, this cane boasts of an adjustable design that can be easily moved between 31 inches and 38 inches, depending on the users requirement. It is also tipped with rubber tip for proper balance on different types of surfaces and can support up to 180 lbs. Sturdy and stunning, this Elegant Diamonds and Pearls-Adjustable cane comes with an absolutely Free Wrist Strap!

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