Classy Walking Canes Adjustable Elegant Royal Blue with Black Swirl Handle and Rhinestone Collar


Colors can get boring and intense colors can get overwhelming rather soon. The answer lies in this Elegant Royal Blue with Black Swirl Handle and Rhinestone Collar. It is not banally blank or overtly dressed. The shade of grey has a bit of a soft luster to it without overdoing it. The result is dramatic in the Royal Blue with Black Swirl Handle and a Rhinestone Collar that appeals instantly as an elegant creation. There is nothing extravagant about it and yet, it exudes class which is something difficult to find these days. The Royal Blue Rhinestone Elegance Cane uses a Black Swirled Handle that is the perfect accompaniment to the royal blue adjustable shaft. The shaft proudly wears a diamond-like Rhinestone Collar. The subtle contrasts in the design comes together to make this cane the perfect fashion accessory for your next formal luncheon or black tie event. You can effortlessly adjust the cane between 31 inches and 38 inches. Made of light aluminum, the shaft is sturdy and easy to handle, and the replacement tip is 5/8 inch.

This product is not available to order until November 1, 2020.  If you know you want one once they arrive please email us your name so we can inform you when it arrives in our warehouse.

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