Derby Cane Copper Beech

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When you are looking for a cane with that has some serious style despite using the simplest design, choose Copper Beech Derby Handle Walking Cane. Made from the most premium hardwoods, the unpretentious Beech Wood Walking Cane is not about glamor. This is essentially a functional cane that uses a minimal approach to designing. It can be used as a functional walking cane that provides trusted, reasonable amount of support. This walking cane uses a classic design that fits the palm perfectly a great option for those using canes for the first time or those who prefer canes with ultra-comfortable handles. Crafted with handpicked woods, this Walking Cane has an ergonomically perfect Derby handle. Imported from Scotland, this walking cane has a simple yet distinctive design in different hues of brown a sober, elite choice. With a metal ferule tip at the bottom, this brown walking cane is for those who want subtle fashion while reaping the benefits of a dependable walking aid.  We can cut this to size for you.

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