Cherry Walking Cane

Cherry remains favored hardwood selection, mainly because of the brilliance of its texture, hue, and the warmth it exudes. The Cherry Color Walking Stick uses these traits with amazing results. You get a cane that qualifies as a fashion statement and as an effective walking aid. The exotically executed finish makes this affordable walking stick a great companion for morning or evening strolls. The hardwood shaft and handle ensure you get a durable cane that will last for years with negligible maintenance. The chrome band sits atop the shaft, accentuating the overall aesthetics of the cane. At 36-inches long, the Cherry Color Walking Stick is compatible with most users. The cane can be cut to size. You also get a standard tip # 8-0398-08 with each Cherry Color Walking cane. You get the assurance of buying from an online store that empowers the customer with complete information about the goods on display, helping people make a better purchase decision. Please take a minute to browse through our selection of walking and hiking sticks.

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